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Unlock the key of new performance and precision level!

Our CNC Drilling Machines help you increase the production, consistency and income.

Accomplish Fast And Accurate Results!

Omaksan CNC Drilling Machines give reliable and delicate results to your customers within the same day.

Keep Your Production Line Running At All Times

You can make all your drawing with Omaksan Works Program without the need for another software program.

Produce More, Pay Less

Our high-speed CNC Boring Machines will save your business time, space and money with the innovative solutions it offers.

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Use High-Tech Machines

Use High-Tech Machines

Our CNC drilling machines are the best solution for the unique needs of you and your business.

Stay Ahead Of Your Schedule.

Stay Ahead Of Your Schedule.

With our highly reliable drilling machines, your production will always stay on schedule and ready to deliver on time.

Benefit From 24/7 Technical Service

Benefit From 24/7 Technical Service

Our well-trained experts are ready to serve you 24 hours a day, connecting remotely to your machines. No waiting for days to get professional help.

Accomplish fast and accurate results!

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